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Parts 1 & 2   Oct. 2022

Sept 2022

COVID Orthodoxy, Fauci's Legacy, and War in Ukraine

Cochrane Report…

"It is possible that many of the serious harms that occur after vaccination are autoimmune diseases.

However, as we don't know whether these diseases are caused by the HPV vaccines, it must be a research priority to find out."

Army Whistleblower Lt Col Theresa Long MD (flight surgeon) gives an impressive testimony of how the DoD, FDA and many other organizations are violating federal code and how the jabs are causing vaccine injuries to fighter pilots as well as how their medical records are being falsified to cover up jab injuries; injuries from brain tumors, cancer, and deadly heart conditions. She shows how the jabs are injuring and grounding many young military pilots.

Disturbs the Soul


Good for the Soul

If You're Not Already Fighting Mad

Watch This!

Airlines Playing Russia Roulette

55 m

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts

"We Are Coming for You"  10 m

Elightened Hope

Economist Richard Werner

1h 15m

The Supreme Evil

Concentrated, Unaccountable Wealth