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Areas of Expertise: AIDS, arthritis, cancer, proteases in emphysema and parasites, drug design, clinical diagnostics.

Things I’m proud of: The chromosomal imbalance (aneuploidy) theory of cancer: the most comprehensive, productive, and satisfying explanation of cancer—all cancers.

Invented DATE Analysis.pdf, the first quantitative theory of biological change. DATE comes from Differentiation, Adaptation, Transformation, Evolution. It is an extension of my theoretical work on the aneuploidy theory of cancer.

Participated as a member of The Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel of South Africa initiated by President Thabo Mbeki.

Synthesized the first peptidyl-fluoromethanes. These molecules are biologically stable inhibitors of cysteine proteases used around the world in the development of therapies for the tissue-destroying diseases of arthritis, cancer, and parasites, among others.

Founded several biotech companies.

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Germ of Lies by David Rasnick
The Chromosomal Imbalance Theory of Cancer by David Rasnick
Reviewed by John Duncan
Table of Contents
German research libraries announce boycott
Directed Cancer Therapy Does More Harm Than Good
Immune System, Unleashed by Cancer Therapies, Attacks Organs
Toxicity of HAART

David Rasnick, PhD


The Tyranny of Dogma

Cochrane Report…

"It is possible that many of the serious harms that occur after vaccination are autoimmune diseases.

However, as we don't know whether these diseases are caused by the HPV vaccines, it must be a research priority to find out."

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